LED Displays

Our mm and 5mm LED displays are designed for high-resolution video displays for both indoor and outdoor applications. They have an extremely thin design with a SMD 3 in1 configuration, a wide viewing angle and a high contrast ratio, which means that they are excellent for important events such as concerts and conventions.

All our LED displays offer great advantages, including:

  • Full HD 1080p
  • high resolution 1920 x 768
  • low power consumption
  • wide viewing angles

8mm LED Screen sizes

Type 1280 X 480 Pixels
Pixel Configuration  
Material Aluminium
Viewing Distence 7 meters
Panel Size 102cm  X 77cm  WH


5mm LED Screen sizes

Type Full HD 1080p
Pixel Configuration SMD ( three in one )
Material Aluminium Die Casting
Viewing Distence 4 meters
Panel Size 500cm X 500cm X 105


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