Wide-screen projectors

There are times when you need to create extraordinarily large displays – at a major convention, say, or a product launch.

Because of the size of these displays, a single projector is not enough. When two or more projectors are used, however, each displaying a portion of the image, the light from the projectors will overlap slightly on the screen. The overlapped region will appear much brighter than the other areas in the overall image. This excess brightness has to be reduced so that it appears the same as the rest of the image.

Soft edge blending is a method used to create a larger video display by combining the image of two or more projectors. Edge blending involves the manipulation of individual pixels to ensure perfect intensity over a specified blend zone – the result is a perfect seamless display created out of multiple images. It is a very cost-effective, efficient way to produce the most extraordinary large displays.

With an edge-blending capability, you can playback a large mega-pixel video split into multiple high definition files. The intensity and brightness of each colour in every overlapped region can be controlled and corrected, which makes for easy compensation for many of the problems faced when blending projectors.

At Tally Group we have the equipment and expertise that will enable you to blend any number of projectors in order to create a large seamless image.

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