HD plasma screens

A plasma display panel is a type of large flat screen (80cm or 30in or larger). These are commonly used for large TV displays and similar applications.

These screens are called ‘plasma’ displays because the pixels rely on plasma cells, just like the chambers in fluorescent lamps – varying the voltage of the signals to the cells allows different colours to be perceived. The technology here is different than the technology used in LCDs, in which the different colours are controlled by LCD units, which behave as ‘gates’ that allow or block the passage of light from a backlight to red, green, or blue paint on the front of the LCD panel.

Our plasma-screens have several distinct advantages:

  • They have a slim profile and are far less bulky than rear-projection televisions.
  • They can be wall mounted, if you wish.
  • They produce deep blacks which allows for a superior colour-contrast ratio.
  • They provide wider viewing angles than those of an LCD. This means that you can view the image from the side without the image degrading in the same way it does with LCDs at acute angles – very useful when you have a room full of people, many of whom are sitting near the walls, or you are setting up a booth at a trade fair.
  • As they do not need backlighting, there is less reflection glare in bright rooms.
  • There is virtually no motion blur, thanks to very high refresh rates and a faster response time, contributing to superior performance – a genuine plus when you want to display content with significant amounts of rapid motion.
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